This month has been a very relaxing month for me. I travelled to Melbourne for International Congress of Behavioural Medicine conference, click here to read more about my wonderful trip. 
I did very little cooking this month as I have been away for most of this month. I have been trying to rest as much as possible, and not think about the work I need to do when I get back. I told myself I would not be hard on myself for the things I couldn’t do this year and enjoy the break, for now.
To be honest, I feel like I have gotten out of track and but it does feel nice to be letting my brain go.  
Here are my December eats 🙂
Prawn, spinach and cauliflower spaghetti
Bean sprouts, snow pea and chicken with rice vermicelli
Stacked Moroccan chicken, roasted tomatoes with greens
Mango and chicken salad
Filo pastry rolls with red cabbage and beef, topped with sesame seeds
Pumpkin and asparagus curry
Pan fried chicken and mixed stir-fry veggies

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