This month has been a range of feelings. I’ve finished up with my linear regression model I was working on, which means I’m done with the statistics (for now). My aim was to have this paper completed before the end of the year but I’ve realised that’s not going to happen. I decided to focus on a simpler task that would be easier to finish before Christmas. 
So I’ve gone back to working on one of my old papers. It was really difficult to get myself into that mindset again, after not having worked on it for so long. It was really daunting at the beginning, but safe to say, it did get easier after having a few go’s. I really wanted to be done with this paper but I just couldn’t do it due to time constraints. I managed to get close but it wasn’t enough. I really wish I had an extra week at least to finish up what I needed to do. At one point, a part of me wished I didn’t have the conference to attend in December, so I could just keep on working to finish my paper. 
I was a bit disappointed with myself for not being able to finish either of the tasks I had set for myself. Then I had a chat with a friend who told me that she made the same mistake; she was too hard on herself in her first year and couldn’t enjoy her holidays because of this. Since then, I’ve told myself that I will let it go and start fresh once I get back.
In other news, I have started a new business account on Instagram. I have been thinking about doing this for a very long time but never got around to doing it (like the many other things I keep putting off in my life). I’m glad I finally did it though, now let’s hope I can remain equally active on the blog and Instagram 🙂
And finally, here are my November eats 🙂
Asparagus and broccoli frittata
Sauteed eggplant, mushroom and asparagus
Brown rice with mixed veggies and chicken
Baked salmon fillets, steamed snow peas and coriander chutney
Baked eggs, asparagus and spinach
A healthier baklava with walnut, pistachios, topped with honey and lemon syrup
Marinated chicken with pomegranate molasses, dukkah and green beans
Red cabbage,broccoli and leftover beef stir-fry
Bulgur pilaf with mixed veggies and egg
Bean sprouts, snow pea and chicken with rice vermicelli
Salmon, asparagus and mushroom curry
Stacked Moroccan chicken, roasted tomatoes with some greens

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