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The short story

For those of you looking for a summary, my name is Anika and I am a 25 year old dietitian from Sydney, Australia. I’m currently doing my PhD looking at how social media can be used to improve eating habits of young adults. I love all things food and photography.

The long story

For those of you looking for a lengthy version, I am all yours!

How did I become a dietitian?

When I was doing my HSC, I knew I kind of wanted to do something in the area of science/ health profession but I had no real career goals. I had no burning desire in me at the time. My parents are both medical doctors so they encouraged me to follow a similar path which got me into considering medicine as a career for quite some time. But after some time, I realised that I had been telling myself that I had interest in something that I didn’t actually like. I expressed this idea to my parents and they suggested me a few different options which included taking on lab-based jobs or other health professional roles. This was enough to provide me with a spark and I started researching potential degrees I could do as I was in my final year of my Bachelors.

As I was finishing my Bachelor of Biomedical Science, I realised I didn’t want to work in the lab and wanted to take on a career in dietetics. I took the risk and decided to pursue my Masters in a different field. At that time, it seemed like the craziest thing I had ever done because it’s a decision I made on my own and everyone else I knew at the time was doing something so different from what I was about to do. I knew what I was about to begin would be quite unusual from the degree I was studying at the time but it was a risk I was willing to take…

How did I become a blogger?

I began my blogging journey in 2015, I used to be a very shy girl and I have always been someone who spoke more in her head than in real life. But I wanted to come out of that bubble, so I somehow mustered up the courage and started blogging. In the past, I used to keep a journal and always enjoyed writing, but I was too much of an introvert to take it to the next level. I used to be scared to share personal stories thinking “Oh, what will people think or say?”; but I’m slowly learning to let go of that. My advice to anyone would be to just start whatever it is that you want to do, and don’t hold back!

More coming up soon 🙂